Going above and beyond for others is what I like to do. Or is it? Maybe it is time to take a long hard break from giving a shit. I am tired of the shit storms that transpire.

Yes, my feelings are at an anger level right now. I have…

I am my own storm

I have nothing to hide from

Darkness into light

~Photo by Christa Irene

Delicate sunshine
My lovely vibrant flower
Life’s brighter with you

Photo — Christa Irene

The sea of my life
Floating through waves of your love
My shell abandoned

Coldest of nights ~ Christa Irene

I won’t walk in shame
When you are to blame

Healing with each word I write
My pain is released from your spite

You abused my kindness
Turned my life into blindness

Piece by piece I broke
It wasn’t until the Coldest of nights, I awoke!

My words maybe about you
But my life, my future is blessed without you!

Thank you for your support in applauding my creations. Love to you and let positive vibrations fill your life~ Christa Irene

A Peaceful Place — (heart ablaze) — photo by Christa Irene

I will burn with fierce scorching flames
The wild violent anger out of her soul

It was you that put her heart ablaze
I simmered for years giving her subtle hints

I awoke her in the night with a tightening grip
I squeezed at her chest

I warned her with each breath
This is not love
This is destruction of her beauty

I will incinerate every last piece of your being
You will not reside in a place meant for purity

She screams from the pain you have caused
I can no longer allow her to feel your corruption

You took your last blow to her ego
I will release the roaring fire inside
The inferno of your existence must cease to exist

Love will flourish throughout her veins
Her soul will soar with freedom

Show me what you see
Tell Me your subconscious thoughts
Teach me what you know

Searching photo by Christa Irene

What are you missing?
Always searching and wishing
You’ll find it within

Stay — Christa Irene

One by one our petals fell. “Ask him to stay…let him go…ask him to stay…let him go…” she repeated delicately.

Cora chose us from a nursery full of daisies. She planted us in the prettiest of pots. We were the centerpiece of her patio table. We heard all her secrets…

My mind is unique
You want me to think like you?
Freedom to express

Christa Irene

Where We Belong. How do we get to where we want to be if no one hears us? We have a story.

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